Snowflake gummies

I’m going to be honest. I have no clue who will read this or what they will think of me. But… I also feel that it is not in my nature to care.

My “office” window is grimy on the outside and filled with little snowflake gummies on my side. A small metaphor for whats really going on right now. Work is not what it used to be. My living situation isn’t what it used to be either. Not by  long shot. Friends? Same deal. Seems like everything changed so quickly and before I knew it it was all different.

This post was not meant to be depressing. Somehow we took a detour into nothingness. What I really wanted to start on this blog was a recollection of thoughts. It seems that I cannot keep all of my memories in my head anymore so maybe if I let them spill onto the keyboard something of worth will manage to stay behind. And here we go! A round of teacher stories. Expressions of new love. A newly awakened love of the printed word. And most importantly a hopefully greater outlook on the dirty window… just because its filthy on the outside doesn’t mean I can’t decorate the inside.

And so I’m reaching out for the one
And so I’ve learned the meaning of the sun
And all this like a message comes
to shift my point of view
I’m watching through my own light
as it tints the shade of you

Sleep – Azure Ray

NaPoWriMo Day 1: Watery Mornings

Prompt: Continuing with the theme of firsts, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that has the same first line as another poem.

The first line of my poem comes from an awesome one written by my idol Sandra Cisneros.

Mornings I still reach for you before opening my eyes.

My fingers slide across the sea of sheets weaving in and out of crests, avoiding seams and the cold spaces they border attempting to find the life raft that is your skin.

The nightmares seem to float in my mind like drift wood in the water and I kick to the simple and uninterrupted idea of getting a little closer to you.

The tips of my prints make contact and I grab hold of your flesh bracing against the next wave of terrors that threaten to pull me with the current.